Why Songa?

Years of being in all types of costumes and clothes as a professional dancer and performer traveling constantly found me in the comfortable clothing category, which included 2 choices on a dancer's budget: baggy sweats or leggings and long tops.

I didn't want to put on leggings or something fitted after a performance so I usually went for the baggy sweats and a sweatshirt. I loved them (still do!) as they were my staple for every situation. But the options for affordable long lasting, classic pieces I could style up or down were very limited. At the time, there wasn't an upscale sweat wear option that was versatile for travel.

And the people, you know who you are...in pajamas.

We were really relaxed with things but we have found a happy medium and I really want to combine my experiences and create thoughtful, clothing for travelers and future travelers, day to night comfort and classic staples that you can have for a long time.

Songa means MOVE

Songa means Move in Swahili. I asked a friend I had met in Tanzania some words that relate to dance or movement.

He told me Songa meant to move -- movement -- and it hit me, that's the name!

It may sound strange that a Swahili name is fitting for clothing designed by someone like me, right?! I once had the opportunity to learn a very tiny amount of swahili while dancing in a show. "Una Fikili Nini" which is What Are You Thinking? 

I wanted to find a word that described my dance training motto of never stop moving.

Songa encompasses my love of movement and traveling.

Always Ready to Move.

Songa: Always Ready to Move.