Designed to dress up...

Songa is an entirely new concept in clothing that moves with you, wherever life takes you.

Designed to be as versatile as your day, dress up or down as the situation demands.

From yoga to the office, we've got you covered.

Pictured: Powerful T-Shirt, Sweet Sweats

Songa POWERFUL T-Shirt paired with Sweet Sweats

Or dress down!

Equally comfortable on the court as in the boardroom. Headed out after work? No problem!

Pictured: Catch Me T-Shirt, Straight Up Skirt

Songa Catch Me! T-Shirt paired with Straight Up Skirt

Limitless possibilities

We believe clothing should be flexible and multi-purpose, designed to last.

Pictured: Signature Sweatshirt

Songa Signature Sweatshirt

An evening out?

Songa is all about creating looks as varied as your life.

Pictured: Songa Dress, Lucky Longsleeve, Jamming Joggers

Songa Dress paired with Lucky Longsleeve

Or an afternoon stroll?

Comfort and ease of movement are paramount to what Songa is all about.

Pictured: Songa Dress

Songa Dress

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