We've added complete sizing information on each product page. Have a question? Just ask!

We've worked hard to design clothing that lasts. But we need your help! Don't use bleach except on white items (avoiding prints). Hang drying is always best to keep the original size intact, but if you need to throw them in the dryer, put it on low and take them out promptly ... don't let them bake and shrink! More information and specific care notes are in each product's description page.

First and most importantly, we believe clothes should last a lifetime. The so-called "fast fashion" movement has created an ecological disaster in the very places that can least afford it. By making clothing that lasts, we hope it'll avoid the landfill.

Our packaging is 100% recycled, and our printed material uses natural inks. Paper and cardboard packaging is fully compostable.

We're not done yet - we're still looking for a mailer that's compostable but holds together. The ones we've tested aren't quite there yet, but we're looking!

First, we want you to absolutely love everything from Songa, so if something's not right, please contact us right away! We will happily exchange anything that doesn't fit or you don't love within 30 days, as long as the article isn't worn. If there's something you don't like about our products, please let us know. We'll give you a refund, and would love to have your input on our products in development. For more information please see our return policy.

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